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Access to Language Rights and Social Integration

The project directly addresses the enhancement of language rights through national integration and reconciliation process in Sri Lanka by aiming to promote the respect of language rights as well as to strengthen community integration, CSOs and CESs participation and government response in the OLP implementation.

Indeed the proposed action addresses the first and second priorities both Language Rights Promotion and Second Language Learning by building the capacities of right holders and duty bearers on language rights, reconciliation process and implementation of OLP, and by supporting the communities, especially women, IDPs and plantation communities, to access justice, basic services and development.

The action will promote civil societies role in strengthening the government – CSOs /CESs partnership and access to justice of vulnerable communities and women. By strengthening the awareness of media personnel on language rights and promotion of OLP, and by strengthening their ability to write ethical articles, the action will promote national integration and reconciliation in community level and national level.

This project is implemented in Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, Ampara and Mullaithivu district.