Human Rights Program

The HDO also carries out a Human Rights program through Citizen's Watch, Women's Watch and Children's Watch in the Plantation area, Human Rights are violated in many ways (political rights, education rights, health rights, housing rights etc.)

Women's Watch the voice of the plantation's women:


  1. Strengthening & empowering grass-roots civil societies and building movements to struggle against the injustice, inequalities and liberal globalization (awareness and social mobilization).
  2. Building Culture of Human Rights through Human Rights Education.
  3. Promoting peace co-existence and reconciliation
  4. Human Rights Monitoring & Fact Finding.
  5. Human Rights Intervention & Legal Action.
  6. National and International Advocacy & Networking.
  7. Strengthening capacity of the organization and CBOs. 
  1. HR Education, HR Intervention
  2. Legal Aid and counseling
  3. Building Alliance
  4. Lobby & Advocacy
  5. Research and Publication



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