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1. Human Development Organization introduction

The Human Development Organization (HDO) is a nongovernmental, nonprofit making and non racial, development organization that works with, underprivileged and marginalized communities in the plantation and rural areas of Sri Lanka. HDO is legally registered with the Department of Social Services, Sri Lanka and it is registered with other recognized local and international organizations.


The video describes the 25 years of journey of the Human Development Organization and how it intervened for the betterment of the Plantation community through its activities and programs.




images/HDO Introduction.jpg



2. Hill Country Plantation People their life Enhancement vis a vis Poverty

Plantation workers’ wage increase figures prominent in talks among the plantation workers: and, the employer federation, government and trade union circles. The problem is being approached from two angles, one from the income of the plantation workers, their daily wage, other benefits and social welfare facilities available to them and other, the productivity, the cost of production, export earnings and the profit and loss aspects.


 Hill Country Plantation People their life Enhancement vis a vis Poverty Mr. P.P. Sivapiragasam Human Development Organization Sri














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