What we do

HDO was established to create a platform through which communities can voice their concerns regarding issues and legislation that directly affect their welfare. This remains an essential part of HDO’s work and gives the organisation great credibility.

HDO has proven its ability to respond to rights-based needs (HR violations) at the individual and community level. It has also started playing a role in national and international dialogues concerning minority rights. Connecting the development experience at a local level to enrich debates on at a national and international levels deserves further reinforcement.

A key role of HDO is to provide a critical voice to minorities and vulnerable communities when their rights or interests are being violated. Consequnetley, HDO often finds itself opposing established forces (often political). This is what gives HDO relevance, whilst it also highlights the need for maintaining political sensitivity in order to protect the interests of marginalised communities.

HDO focuses its activities on the following issues:

  1. Providing human rights, peace building and environmental education
  2. Community financing schemes
  3. Promoting gender and development issues at the grass-roots level and also at national and international levels, through advocacy, lobbying and research projects.
  4. Humanitarian solidarity programmes ( Among IDPs)
  5. Human rights education



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