Collective Action Against Period Poverty (CAAPP)
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Collective Action Against Period Poverty (CAAPP)

In the pursuit of fostering holistic well-being and empowering girls and women in plantations and rural areas, the project "Collective Action Against Period Poverty (CAAPP)Standup for Menstrual Health" emerges as a pivotal commitment. Recognizing the critical role that Menstrual Health and Hygiene (MHH) play in shaping the lives of adolescent girls and women, the project is dedicated to elevating their overall health and unlocking their full potential. 

 This initiative stands as a beacon of empowerment, promising a multifaceted approach to address the challenges surrounding menstruation. The core commitment involves strategic programming aimed at bolstering confidence, enhancing knowledge, and refining essential skills for both adolescent girls and women. Moreover, the project recognizes the significance of providing improved access to essential materials and facilities, thereby ensuring that menstruation is managed safely and with the utmost dignity. 

By embracing a comprehensive perspective on menstrual health, "Standup for Menstrual Health" seeks to transcend societal barriers and cultivate an environment where girls and women can navigate their menstrual journey with confidence, fostering a brighter and healthier future for all.