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Improved education of the plantation children through provisions of drinking water and sanitary facilities to 2 Plantation Schools. The schools are Thiruvalluvar Vidyalayam/School of Deltota Group - Estate, Deltota, Kandy District. It has 185 students and 17 teachers in it. Sri Siva Sakthi Vidiyalayam /School of Kithulmulla Estate, Galaha, Kandy District. It has 85 students and 10 teachers in it. Comparatively speaking to other sectors or urban schools around the nation, Above Plantation Schools have poor infrastructural facilities. The major development initiatives ignore these schools. However, with the support of the Sweden International Development Agency (SIDA), essential infrastructural facilities for the schools, including buildings and furnishings, were given. Even after that, more infrastructure improvements such as water facilities, restrooms, building renovations, furniture, sporting items, stationery, and qualitative contributions were required. A drinking water facility and a sanitary facility were suggested as part of this project for both schools. By providing drinking water supply facilities, about 100 students and teachers' quality of life and education improved. The school's restroom and sanitary facilities were made available to 200 students and staff, and as a result, their quality of life and education increased.