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Malayaga Tamil People

History - Life – Struggle - Over 2 centuries - People’s Declaration

Loolecondera Estate, Kandy, Sri Lanka

The people of the hill country are the backbone of Sri Lanka’s economic, and social development. The year 2023 marks the end of 200 years since they were brought from South India to Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) as laborers. At a time when various events have been organized to commemorate the 200 years, we launch this declaration to draw the attention of those, concerned as to the historical background, the condition of the life that these have lived and challenges they faced; and in the meantime to charter a course for the century ahead with constructive action to sustain their human rights and march forward as a community as citizens with equal rights and in the meantime preserving its identity. 

The meeting for the purpose of launching this declaration on Loolecandura Estate, Deltota had been jointly organized by the Workers Solidarity Union, Women’s Solidarity Front, Hill Country Women’s Forum, and Civil Organizations and Intellectuals under the patronage of HDO. Loolecandura Estate, had been chosen as the appropriate venue on the grounds of its being the first tea estate to be created by the pioneer planter James Taylor who himself lived there and died. The gathering included the hill country plantation workers of Loolecandura as well as outside women, youths, social activists, civil society organizations, teachers, and officers. 

Reaffirming that the plantation community has the historical duty of maintaining its unique identity, human dignity, equality, justice, rights and peace, HDO conducted a meeting and declaration event on 26th August 2023 at the Loolecandura Estate in Kandy District.

 It is noteworthy that the hill country art and cultural events were held at the Loolecandura Aadhavan Tamil Vidyalayam with the participation of around 1000 participants.