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HDO - Plantation Community Protection through Food Security Project

The Project is supported by the UNOPS

The project directly addresses the food security and agriculture crisis faced by the plantation community in Sri Lanka, aiming to promote community based home gardening, and supporting food assistance, and awareness on food security and nutrition. Moreover, this project also aligns with the thematic areas the Sri Lankan government as well as Ministry of Health. The project is being implemented in plantations in Kotagala Area of Nuwara Eliya District, Sri Lanka.

Objective: Promote community based local home garden among around 1000 families in selected Estate areas through provisions of vegetable seeds and plants and the awareness programs. And to Protect food security of children, pregnant women, lactating mothers and elders in selected estates through supporting food assistance, and community meals.

Some of the Actions:

  1. Promote Home Gardening to plantation families/community to use a small plot of land for family farming.
  2. Distribution of Seeds and Nursery Plants
  3. Supporting Dry Food to Children for Community Meals
  4. Support Dry Food to vulnerable members to prepare Community Cooking
  5. Trainings and Awareness Creation on the food security systems, seed and plant cultivations, and basic nutrition.
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